The Great Italian Culinary

Made with 100% San Marzano Tomatoes, spread over a super thin crust, topped with Fior di Latte Mozzarella in a woodfired oven; a traditional Italian Pizza is an unparalleled experience! It is intricately prepared with precision and special ingredients. Curated with love, classic Italian values, olive oil and a whole lot of oregano and herbs; this pizza is more than just a dish. It’s the culmination of years of tried and tested culinary concoctions, handed down from long established Italian customs. The Italian pizza is distinct in its preparation as well as serving. The Italian pizzas are prepared with special Marzano tomatoes and chunks of buffalo mozzarella or Proscuitto cheese rather than shredded cheese which is the modern and western way of preparation. Our chefs are skilled and equipped with sterling Italian culinary traditions and promise the best savouring experience in the town.

The Authentic Italian experience is unrivalled by the thick, greasy, American versions available in the market. Be it Neapolitan Pizza, Roman Pizza, Milano Pizza or Siciliano Pizza, the authentic Italian Experience is in a class of its own, second to none!

Our Zzetta – Soul Fired Pizza, that is based in Canning Town, serves a fusion style pizza that is rooted in Neapolitan and Roman Pizza Styles. Offering a wide variety of Italian pizzas to choose from, we have an option that suits everyone! Our pizzas are baked in a fired up Italian stone oven, our 48 hours slow-risen vegan sourdough bases are topped with high- quality fresh ingredients.

We’re more than just Pizzas though! Choose from our extensive range of other Italian delicacies – Pasta, Antipasti, Italian Grills, Salads, Breads and so much more! Don’t miss out on out bona fide Italian cuisine, especially if you’re around Canning Town, Silvertown, Poplar, Canary Wharf, Royal Victoria Dock, City Airport, Excel London, Trinity Buoy Wharf, University of East London, Docklands Campus, North Woolwich, West Silvertown, Royal Victoria, Royal Albert, Beckton, South Quay, MillWall, East India Dock and rest of the East London.

Visiting the Excel Exhibition Centre? Don’t forget to check out Zzetta – Soul Fired Pizza if you’re in the mood for an Authentic Italian Experience!