Have room for some Authentic Italian Dessert after Pizza? Look no further!

Here are some delectable Italian options that will get your soul fired after an appetising Italian Meal!

Dita dell 'angelo | £4.25

These Oven Baked Sweet Cinnamon Sticks, Served with Chocolate Sauce are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially after a spicy serving of our Classic Napoli Pizza or some delicious Antipasti!

Tiramisu Savoiardi | £4.95

This Coffee-Soaked Savoiardi with a Layer of Cream Dusted with Cocoa Powder is already an Italian favourite across the world! Fussed with the classic Zzetta flavours, you’re in for a dreamy experience!

New York Cheese Cake | £4.95

This Traditional Baked Cheesecake in the New York Style is already a fan favourite across the globe! You’re in for a mouthwatering, flavorful experience when you pair it with some yummy Zzetta Garlic Bread, Lasagne alla Bolognese Pasta or some crispy chicken strips!

Torta della Nonna • £4.95

This Lemon Flavor Crust Pastry, with Pine Nuts is a sumptuous Tuscan delicacy and an Italian classic. Try this Zzetta classic at just £4.95!

Nutella Pizza | £4.95

Just the name gives you a fuzzy feeling in the stomach doesn’t it? Our Classic Italian stone oven cooked pizza, topped with Chocolate is as good as an Italian Dessert gets! Try this fusion dish for yourself!

Zzetta Brownie | £4.95

You can never go wrong with Brownie, can you? Our Freshly Baked Chocolate Nut Brownie, Served with Ice-cream is rich in flavours, leaving you with a finger licking good experience!

Three Gelato Scoops Ice Cream | £4.95

This Desserts needs no introduction! Try our special Three Gelato Scoops Ice cream in 3 different flavours – Chocolate, Pistacchio and Vanilla!

Visiting the Excel Exhibition Centre? Don’t forget to check out Zzetta – Soul Fired Pizza if you’re in the mood for an Authentic Italian Experience!

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