Soul Fired Pizzas

Baked in a fired up Italian stone oven, our 48 hour slow-risen vegan sourdough bases are topped with high-quality fresh ingredients resulting in mouthwatering delicious artisan Neapolitan-Roman fusion style pizzas.

Unless stated “White Base”, Tomato Sauce made with 100% San Marzano Tomatoes are used in all pizzas.

Pizza could be made with BBQ Sauce or Indian Spicy Sauce instead of Tomato Sauce for only £0.95

Any of our ingredients can be used as Extra Topping for only £1.45

Vegan Cheese £1.95    Gluten Free Bases £1.95

Whilst we can’t guarantee a 100% flour-free environment, our gluten free base does not contain any gluten.

House Dips & Sauce

Special Deals


A folded pizza (the pizza equivalent of a Cornish Pasty if you will). It’s a traditional street pizza. All of our pizzas can be served as Calzone with no extra charges.

Pizza al Metro

Pizza al metro, or pizza by the meter, is half a meter (20 inch) long pizza that is perfect for sharing and amazing way to taste different toppings.

Choose any two pizzas to make a Pizza al Metro £19.95

Choose any three pizzas to make a Pizza al Metro £24.95

Kids Pizza

Children under 10 can enjoy any of our mouthwatering pizzas in kids size for only £5.95

They will also get complementary Water, Apple or Orange Drink

Pizza Parties

Our restaurant is available for semi-private parties. We can cater upto 40 guests in an intimate atmosphere. Kids Pizza Making Party facility is available. Ask our member of staff for more details.



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