Fior di Latte or Bufala Mozzarella?

Fior di Latte or Bufala Mozzarella?

Anyone who’s experienced fresh, handmade mozzarella knows how its unique and unmistakable taste has nothing in common with industrial products generally found on the market.

The most famous member of the “pasta filata” family (scamorza, provolone) mozzarella is normally shaped into plump spheres of various dimensions, from bocconcini to ciliegine, or braided into trecce or nodini. Always made with fresh cow milk, it is salted in brine water for 12 to 20 hours and is best eaten within a few days of production. It does not require aging but it may also be smoked or left to harden for about 15 days. In this case, it is called scamorza and is the original butter coloured traditional type of semi-hard mozzarella used for pizza topping.

Mozzarella di bufala is however considered to be the “true” mozzarella. It originates from the Campania region of Italy where it even carries a DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) label that differentiates it from other bufala mozzarellas marketed as “mozzarella di latte di bufala” produced outside the protected area. Bufala is a type of black water buffalo that was introduced to the southern Italian marsh lands centuries ago probably during Arab or Indian invasions.

When made from regular cow’s milk, mozzarella is called “Fior di Latte”. Generally smaller and less chewy, a few of these mozzarellas are alternately made from the milk of mountain cow breeds that can rival with their Campania counterparts. Agnone and Bojano in Alto-Molise compete with Battipaglia, Aversa, Mondragone, Vannulo or Paestum in the salernitano and casertano areas as the capital of the world’s best mozzarella.

In Zzetta – Soul Fired Pizza that is serving a vast area in East London including Canning Town, Silvertown, Poplar, Canary Wharf, Royal Victoria Dock, City Airport, Excel London, Trinity Buoy Wharf, University of East London Docklands Campus, North Woolwich, West Silvertown, Royal Victoria, Royal Albert, Beckton, South Quay, MillWall, East India Dock serves pizza in both Fior di Latte Mozzarella and Mozzarella di bufala. Fior di Latte Mozzarella is used in our Asparagus Pizza, Mushrooms Pizza, Yellofin Pizza, Smoked Salmon Pizza, Pests Chicken Pizza and Beef Bresaola Pizza. On other hand in our Margarita Pizza and Rathbone Pepperoni Pizza we use Mozzarella di bufala.

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