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Pizza You Say ?

Yes please !

Who doesn’t love a pizza !

Whatever the weather, come rain, sun, wind or snow, pizza is the type of food that is enjoyed anytime of the year and any time of the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner (hands up to a pizza breakfast…yes we have all done this !)
We just cannot get enough of the comfort it brings, as it deliciously fills our bellies and releases a warmth of happy endorphins and the world is a better place !

Instant gratification !

Cosy nights alone at home, comfort food when you need some love and food will only do, summer garden parties on lazy hot weekends, intimate candle lit dinner evenings, or be it an ice breaker over working or team building meetings, pizza is the epitome for all occasions large and small, eaten, enjoyed and celebrated across the world.

Say it with pizza !

New Kid On The Block

I was recently invited as a food journalist to blog about a new pizza joint that has opened its door in the heart of Canning Town, on the door step of Rathbone market in the E16 area just a stone’s throw away from Canary Wharf the business empire of London The City of London.

Zzetta Soul Fired Pizza

The new establishment opened its door in early June of this year by owner Rob Dewan who says “his mission is to be the leading highest quality pizzeria brand in London”. Rob Dewan has a very strong ethos of community engagement “emphasizes on only using locally sourced products” is a mandate for what Zzetta stands for. This can be seen quite clearly on the décor of the hanging speech bubble placards of the timeless capsules of captured words that are seeped in history showing words and phrases of dialogues, memories and moments sealed in print from old times from Rathbone Market scenes.
Bringing fusion into the mix, Zzetta creates mouth watering must haves of artisan scrumptious wood fire pizza options. Catering for vegan, gluten free, halal and kosher diets.
From the outside it looks like any other modern pizzeria but as you step foot inside the building, immediately you feel and see a very clean no nonsense modern simple style reminding me of eateries in Camden and Portobello market. I later found out that the design and concept is all relayed with the intent of reflecting Rathbone market and it completely does !

All Eyes On Me

Just like the décor and design, the menu sheet is also very simple in the design and paper texture used. Again reminding me of eateries in market places and in essence is also fulfilling the continuation of the market theme.

The menu at first impression looks very basic with only a handful of choices from each section of the starters, main course, desserts and drinks. On closer inspection, it is clearly a cleverly well thought out menu providing a clear distinction of fusion flavours in the ingredients of the recipes. A few things stand out with this menu. Remember how I mentioned the ethos of Zzetta is to use locally sourced ingredients and maintain the market spirit ? Zzetta goes one step further with the importance of this message and clearly states into the pizza section exactly which market the ingredients come from !

How amazing is that !

A genius idea !

Such commitment to helping and promoting local businesses Zzetta have most definitely exhaled themselves with this.

There seems to be a theme going on with the menu format. There are 3 choices in every section, a quirky concept which is easy on the eye when making choices.

Food Glorious Food

For the intention of the review the following items from the menu were ordered to taste.

Garlic Bread £3.45
Mixed Olives £3.45
Feta Lentils £4.95
Chicken Pizza £12.95
Salmon Pizza £12.95
Rathbone Pepperoni £12.95
2 x Garlic Mayo £ 0.95 each
Profiteroles Nero £4.95
Pizza alla Nutella £3.95
2 x Bio Cola £3.45 each
2 x Organic Ruby Orange £3.45 each
Flat White Coffee £2.45
Tea £2.45

The pricing is average for London and at the end of the night the final amount was a reasonable amount for the amount of food ordered if I was a paying customer.

Need A Drink

Drinks arrived in glass bottles and I was pleasantly surprised to find a good size bottle being placed in front of me. What great flavours they were to ! What I liked about the drinks was that the real flavours of the fruit in the drinks came through so very refreshing.
The ethos of Zzetta is about incorporating health into the cuisine which extends to the drinks on offer. When I first saw the bio selection of soft drinks I was not too impressed but my mind was quickly altered as the Cola tasted like it was supposed to therefore all boxes ticked !

Starters Please I’m Hungry

The starters of garlic bread was ok and the homemade dip of garlic mayo made it very tasty. The feta lentil salad an interesting fusion. A dish layered with leaves, puy lentils (green lentils) beetroot crisps and a beetroot dressing. The beetroot dressing is not overpowering so if you do not like beetroot in general, you will enjoy this as there is only a hint of the taste of beetroot that comes through. The feta cheese and lentils compliments the beetroot dressing perfectly. Mixed olives with roasted garlic slivers seeped in olive oil is soo moreish !

Pizza. Got To Have It

My favourite pizza from the list I tried has got to be the Smithfield Market Chicken. What can I say ! I was in food heaven ! An unusual combination of pesto sauce, mozzarella ( a very good flavoured cheese) chunks of white chicken meat, capsicum peppers and chunks of plum tomatoes. The crust was a thin base with a very rustic look to it and delicious in taste. For those chicken lovers who only eat a halal or kosher diet, you are in for a treat as the chicken is halal ! Not only that but the chicken tastes really really good and the dough is made from a vegan base !

The dough was not thick or stodgy or heavy to cut into and reminded me of a flat bread base like a naan bread or an unleavened chapati bread. The size of the pizza a good one around a 12 inch dinner plate so great for one as a main meal and even better to share around with friends and try all the other pizza styles on offer. Once again the lovely homemade mayo sauces complimented the crust parts of the pizza to finish off a mouth watering main meal.

All the pizza arrived freshly made straight from the wood fire oven. It was nice to be able to see your order being created in front of you from start to finish.

Sweet Endings

If you have a sweet tooth like me then carry on reading. If desserts are not your cup of tea, carry on reading as you are in for a bit of a shock !

Naturally who can say no to a dessert ?

Not me that is for sure !

When reading the dessert menu for the treats on offer I noticed the theme of having 3 choices continued.

Personally I am a big fan of choux pastry so the profiteroles (a round version of an oblong éclair is filled with cream and covered with chocolate) so this was an easy choice for me to make, however something else on the desserts menu caught my eye !

The pizza alla nutella (in plain English) is pizza topped with chocolate !
Chocolate pizza ?

No thanks !

My initial reaction ….


I was soo wrong !

Turned out to be the best dessert I had that evening !

I mean I love chocolate and who doesn’t ?
The combination with a pizza dough after already eating pizza as a main meal ?
Mind blowing…totally worth it and a great end to a wonderful evening.

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Watch YouTube Video capturing the review !

Paid Partnership with Zzetta Soul Fired Pizza

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